Fatih Tabletten Pc ye Bağlanma

Windows XP PC:

i. Firstly you will need to enable Guest account by going to Control Panel – User Accounts – Guest Account – Click on “Turn on Guest account”. This is because there is no other way I found to access the files in Windows XP in Android device with actual user name and password.

ii. Share the drives or folder you want to access [Refer the Reference Note 1 below to know how to share a folder]

iii. Open ES File Explorer in your device

iv. On top right corner tap on “Local” – select LAN

v. Tap on “New”

vi. Here you can either scan for your system or Click on Server

vii. Here in server field type the IP address (that is IPv4 Address) or the system name

viii. Type in the Username and Password which you use to access your Windows PC

ix. Give a name under “Display as” for easy identification

x. Tap on OK.

xi. Now you will see an laptop with globe icon. Tap on it and you will see all your shared files/folder of the system there.

On Windows XP:
a. Right click on the folder you want to share
b. Go to the sharing tab
c. Click the “If you understand the risk but still want to share the folder, click here”
d. Under “Network Sharing and Security” tick on “Share this folder on the network” and also on “Allow network users to change my files”
e. Click OK



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